Welcome Message from Madina Akhmedova, RiseAssist Founder & Program Coach

Welcome Message Transcript:

Welcome to Careerist Executive Assistant program by RiseAssist, my name is Madina Akhmedova I'm the founder and CEO of RiseAssist (www.riseassist.net)

I’m also going to be your coach and trainer for the next 40 hours and in this video I'm going to explain how you can make the maximum out of this program, what is this program about and how it can help you change your careers and reach your career goals.

The program lasts for 40 hours and you can take the program at your own pace, however it's recommended that you start blocking time slots in your diary from now on for your learning. I highly recommend that you learn daily for one hour and it's best to do this in the morning, however, feel free to schedule it around your availability.

If you have any question or you need any clarification you can always contact me or my team either here, in the comments section in your online school or by emailing [email protected] and we are going to help you immediately.

The best way to get help fast is just to put a comment below the video in the comment thread in your online school. This way I am going to see it, the whole team is going to see it, too as well as your colleagues from the same group of students will see you questions and perhaps suggest an answer or provide support.

Remember, this is not only a learning experience it's also a networking and women support experience. While we do train and coach you but we also want to empower you and promote the sisterhood with the help of which you are going to help each other and yourself elevate your career and change your life.

You can always reach out to me personally by email [email protected] or again just write your questions in the comments section. 

We will be having weekly group coaching calls in your student group and you will be receiving a link to the closed group where I will be going live occasionally to answer your questions and comments. You can ask me any questions and I’m going to make sure I answer them all during the coaching calls.

Don’t forget to join our group of former RiseAssist graduates who took our programs live. The name of the group on Facebook is Dubai Virtual Assistants Community. You can answer the entry questions and our admins are going to let you in so you can start networking with other graduates who have already reached their goals. Perhaps they can help you by showing you the right strategies and showing you what worked for them after the program.

Regarding the technical support- if you have problem accessing the online school or there is something wrong with the videos, or you have trouble accessing the materials immediately email us at [email protected] and the technical team will get in touch with you and solve the problem asap.

So how to make the best out of this course? 

You are going to have lifetime access to 40 video lessons.

You are also going to have a lot of printable materials. In order to consume them all you will need to follow my guidelines carefully. 

I have designed this program in an innovative blended format which means that it's not only theory based, and it's definitely not enough just to listen to the video lessons in order to see the instant career changes.

In order to see the change you will need to implement and follow all the step-by-step guides that I'm going to be giving you.

Of course, there will be a lot of practice and you will also have assignments and projects.

We will have a big final project which you will need to develop independently and defend online in order to get your certificate of completion.

Everybody who have defended his project will receive certificate of completion shipped to her/his location.

- 40 hours of learning

  • Assignments
  • Practical exercises 
  • Challenges 
  • Self-study 

I'll be guiding you during the program, make sure you follow the guidelines in order to achieve the maximum out of it.

Taking notes during the video lessons is essential for knowledge locking (not because I just want you to do more work- after working for 12 years in higher education sector I have learned what are the best strategies to actually lock most knowledge out of the learning process).

It is advised that while you're listening to my video lessons you grab your journal/notepad and take some notes. The more you are going to write after me the more you're going to remember not only while applying for jobs and writing your cover letters, but also when you will start working as an EA/PA to C-Suite or HNWI.

Remember, the biggest challenge of an executive assistant is not to find a dream job, it is how not to lose your dream job and how to make the maximum out of it for your own career. 

Learning is great. Education is a super power.

However, without execution it becomes just another piece of information similar to the one you scroll through on social media or read through quickly in the informative magazines.

In order to see the effect you need to execute and take daily action.

I am going to be guiding and showing you the right ways, but without the daily action from your side, unfortunately, it will be very difficult to see the change in your career. 

You all have lifetime access to this program.

Why am i giving you the lifetime access? Because I do want you to succeed not only during the program and not only during the job search. I want you to succeed after the program (for the lifetime) and that is why you are going to have access to everything right here- to refresh your memory at any time!

When you are going to get your dream job or your career promotion you won't need to go for additional programs because you are going to have everything right here recorded and accessible at your fingertips from any device (!) so you can always go and check the step by step guides, checklists, software tutorials, so you can amaze your employers and get your career elevated right away.

That is my goal of this program. Are our goals similar? Share in the comments below;)

If you have any questions after this video please also drop them in the comments.

I`ll be answering all your questions during group coaching calls LIVE in our study group.

I’m looking forward to introducing you to the first lecture and start this journey with you.

Thank you for choosing RiseAssist!

Madina Akhmedova

Your Trainer, Mentor & Coach