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Find out how prepared are you to the working life challenges of C-Suite & HNWI Support

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Welcome to RiseAssist!

If you are passionate about business and executive office support, you may consider career of C-Suite/HNWI Executive Assistant!

This free quiz will help you assess the following points:

  • Are you ready to become an Executive Assistant?
  • Do you have the necessary skills and personal qualities?
  • Do you have enough knowledge to start immediately?
  • Are you going to enjoy this challenging role?

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RiseAssist Coaching
RiseAssist Coaching

RiseAssist Coaching & Consultancy was established in Dubai since 2016. Our mission is to help as many people as possible build and scale their careers without having to compete in an ever-changing job market through upgrade and update of their knowledge and skillset.

During the first 2 years of operations, we have helped more than 800 students find well paid jobs, start businesses, or work from home as virtual assistants earning between 2000-4000 USD per month.

These achievements were noticed by multiple industries worldwide, and we won 10 awards over the 3rd year of operations. These included Meed, Bizz and Entrepreneur Business Awards, Excellence Award for Women Unemployment Solutions & Women Empowerment Enterprise of the Year.

We prepare world class certified assistants and entrepreneurs. Let their results speak about our achievements.

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